"About 6 months ago, my MD prescribed Lipitor for my high cholesterol (197), but I never got it filled because I wanted to solve the problem naturally... And I did (Thrive): As of Sept. 22, 2018, I'm happy to report that my total cholesterol is 175! 

Thrive also helped to lower my blood sugar from 144 to 125 to 79! I was out of Thrive for a couple weeks, and noticed burning and tingling in my feet and legs. Since I started taking it regularly again, the burning and tingling stopped. Isn't it funny how you forget how awful you used to feel, when you start feeling good again?

I can say from my own experience, please give Thrive a try." - Jeanette Tolbert ​​

"June 22, I was at the gym working out with a personal trainer. I over did on the workout, and got dizzy. My personal trainer took my BP, and immediately called 911. Within 20 minutes, I was in ER... Spent 4 days in Hospital ...Diagnosed as stroke. 

Having extended high Blood Pressure, the primary care doctor wrote me a prescription for Losartan. I took 4 of them over next two weeks, but a friend showed me Randy's Thrive video, and I ordered his product. I started taking the THRIVE all natural product, instead of Losartan. 

My primary care doctor was not happy with my decision, and told me I could probably end up with kidney issues if I didn't get my blood pressure lower. I showed him a few pictures of my blood pressure after taking thrive, and there was not much he could say because the proof is in the pictures. Still taking my thrive daily. See posted results. WHAT WOULD YOU TELL YOUR DOCTOR???" 

Jerry Upchurch
"I was intentionally looking for a nutritious green drink when I came across Thrive. At the time, I was on a very low budget and could not afford to eat properly. (Have you noticed that food that is really good for you cost a lot more than food that is really bad for you?! LOL) I wanted to have ‘super-powered’ nutrition, and it was more cost effective for me to use a green superfood than it was to buy the equivalent nutrition in fresh fruits and vegetables. 

My friend told me that Thrive had not only enhanced his health, but had actually reversed his heart damage! I was intrigued, so I bought the three day trial. That’s all it took to convince me that I wanted Thrive to be a part of my every day life! 

I know some people think that Thrive is a luxury. For me, it’s a necessity! If anyone reading this thinks they can’t afford good nutrition for themselves and their family, I encourage them to rethink!! Thrive is the most cost effective way I know of, to get the vital nutrition we need to live a healthy life!!" - Mary Tracy

"I originally started taking thrive as a tool to help keep my heart health in good shape as I prepared my body to be able to donate a kidney to a friend of mine who is battling Stage-4 Kidney failure.

Along with his kidney failure, he is also diabetic with severely high blood pressure, and fights with blood-sugar issues. After we were informed that the surgery wasn't going to be as quick as we originally hoped for, I decided to gift him with a 2-month supply of Thrive, to help him keep as physically stable as possible until our surgery date arrives.

Over the past month of using the Thrive daily, his blood-sugar has normalized to the point he does not have to take insulin before meals and his blood pressure has gone from an average of 180/110 to an average of 130/80. He has also seen improvements in his energy levels coming out of dialysis 3 times per week. What used to wipe him out for an entire day no longer does. He is now able to be an active member of his family while we await our transplant date.

I am so grateful that the product which keeps me healthy enough to be able to donate an organ, is also powerful enough to reverse the recipient's medical issues while we await a transplant. And who knows if they surgery date takes too long to arrive, Thrive may very well reverse all of his conditions." - Cochise Bryant

I have been suffering with Fibrocystic breast for the past 30 years. In the past few years, some of my cysts would developed fluid, and my breast would swell very large and become extremely painful. I always had to wear a padded bra, It was difficult to sleep, and I could not even hug my husband. As a result, I would always have to have my Breast aspirated by a breast surgeon.

24 hours after taking the O2 drops for the first time, 3 times the day I received it, and also rubbing the drops on the area... To my surprise, during the night while sleeping, I was in disbelief in the fact that I could turn and did not feel pain nor discomfort. 

When I woke up, I was shock and in tears seeing that the swelling in my breast had gone down, and the pain was completely GONE. I could not believe that a product so simple could have such amazing results in a short time. This is truly a MIRACLE in a bottle.. It's attached to my hip, And I will never leave home without it." 

Carol George

Can Dr. Miller's Exclusive Detox tea really help you shed pounds? Just ask Andrea.
"These were my favorite jeans and jogging pants when I was first introduced to this AMAZING tea about four years ago. My results catapulted my Lifestyle change, and began my weight loss journey. This particular formula was SPECIAL in that it contained four additional detoxifying ingredients that allowed me to lose about 9 pounds in my first month of use, without changing a thing.

When I heard that O2 was the only Home Business that now had access to the ORIGINAL formula, and it was available again, I couldn’t wait to begin taking it, as I have learned more things about my body as it relates to obtaining optimal health. This time, I lost 9 pounds in less than seven (7) days. YES, 9 pounds!!

Besides cleansing my intestinal tract, I know that my organs are also being cleaned. In the past, I know for a fact that I had also been able to keep the weight off when I continue to use this detox tea. I am so thankful that it has been reintroduced to the world. No more aimlessly searching for comparable teas... I couldn't find any because there are NONE... Eternally Grateful!" - Andrea

"I feel so blessed that I was introduced to the o2 oxygen product. I was having a rash and swelling in my armpits, and no idea where it came from. All I know is that it was extremely painful, and my armpits had turned red and black. It really looked raw.

I went to a dermatologist. She gave me some cream that did not help. I then went to a Doctor of Internal medicine, and he did not have an answer. My husband received his o2 drops before I did, so he said why not put some of the drops under your arms. 

I was in so much pain, it was hard for me to put my arms down by my side, so he put them under my arms. I could not believe that the pain went away in just 10 minutes, and within a day or two, the rash disappeared. If it had not happened to me, it would be hard to believe how the pain went almost immediately away.

I was thinking that the drops were just for the inside of the body, but I researched it, and it helps so many things, even rashes, cuts, bruises etc., Thanks O2 for helping me feel much better.

Jerri Stewart